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Lately I've been inspired to lower my digital carbon footprint and decided to replace my fancy webpage containing large images and javascript files with this simple text-based webpage. My goal is to present myself as a designer without unnecessary impact on the planet. Hopefully I'm able to do so...

...and yes, there's more → just scroll down.

Who am I

My name is Ståle Torger Stokke and I'm a Norwegian designer who works mainly with digital products. You can characterize me as a UX designer, but I also dabble with service design. I've been doing this for over a decade and have been involved in start-ups, tech firms and public services. Currently I work at Aboveit as a Senior Consultant and Team Lead for a small group of designers.

My passion

As a designer I’ve always been empathic towards the users, but I also love to discuss technology and business strategy. I believe a good designer must be able to create products that are desirable, feasible and viable without unnecessary impact on the planet. The later have recently become more important to me, trying to use digitalization to reduce environmental impact while still creating value and growth.

Another interest of mine is behavioral science. And with that in mind I will mention that:

And whatever you do, don’t push the red button:

My work

I’ve chosen to present three projects that represent me as a designer. You won’t find any images on this webpage, but I will provide a link with each project in addition to the description of my role.

Swing Catalyst

For four years I was involved in the development of a software used to analyze your golf swing. This was my first major role as a UX designer. Swing Catalyst is a complex analysis software combining video and sensor data. My contribution was to enable the user to utilize the data to improve their golf swing, and to create a more complete service including an app and online services.
Watch video about Swing Catalyst


This is a SCADA system for monitoring technical installation and energy consumption I worked with for three years. My role had two major functions being a UX designer for the continuous development of the system, while contributing to explore new business opportunities. During my time we expanded the service with the Check Point product, helping businesses to comply with food and health regulations.
Read more about IWMAC

New Norwegian Tax Return

This project I’m really proud to have been part of, and definitely the most challenging of my career so far. I spent three years as Design Lead coordinating the user experience across several teams in this major and important governmental project. I can proudly say that we created a user friendly and fully accessible tax return for all citizens and businesses. With important outcome like increased happiness and understanding of the tax laws, improved quality in the data being reported and a decrease in the number of support cases.
Read more about the Norwegian tax return

My colleague and I have also spoken about our work with the Norwegian tax return at the Y-Oslo conference in 2021. It is in Norwegian, but you may watch the speach on YouTube

How did I do

As I said in the introduction my goal is to present myself as designer without unnecessary impact on the planet. My previous webpage produced 1.51 grams of CO2 for every visit. I'm pleased to inform you that your visit to this page only produced 0.01 grams of CO2. And hopefully you still got an impression of me as a designer?

If you have any questions, you may find me on LinkedIn